Nice to meet you!


I live in a place that I can reach in about an hour
by Shinkansen from Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

Feeling the desire to start something new,
I decided to chronicle my life in Japan through a blog!

I work at a bank counter in Japan, and it’s been about 7 years
since I started working.
My commute takes about 15 minutes by car.

There are four members in my family. Both my father and mother
leave home around 7 in the morning
and return around 7 PM.
They both work in the medical field.

My younger brother lives alone in Tokyo and works there.

I work from Monday to Friday, a five-day workweek.
I have weekends off.

I start work at 8:15, so I leave home around 7:40.
I commute by car every day.

On days with good weather or when I want to move my body,
I commute by bicycle or on foot.

I finish work at 17:00.
If there is no overtime, I can leave by 17:15.

Unless there is an unusually high number of visitors,
I rarely have overtime.

Until my family returns home at 19:00, it’s free time.

There are no specific rules for household chores.
I go shopping, prepare dinner at home,
wait for my family to return, and until then,

I spend my free time meaningfully.
On days off, I go to cafes for reading or surfing the internet,

go out for meals with friends, and enjoy my free time.

I want to make this free time more meaningful!
I want to try something new!
So, I will leisurely write my blog.