Organizing Cosmetics

Continuing from yesterday, today I’ll continue organizing beauty products, focusing particularly on sorting through cosmetics.

While there are other beauty items aside from cosmetics, cosmetics have the largest variety and quantity, so I’ll start by organizing them first.

I began by contemplating why I accumulated so many cosmetics. Especially during my university days, I owned and purchased a significant amount of makeup.

Whenever new and higher-quality products were released, I couldn’t resist trying them. Every season, various new products were launched by different manufacturers.

Information about these products is presented attractively through beauty magazines, TV commercials, city billboards, and platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Collecting and understanding all this information wasn’t a burdensome task at all. It seems I had plenty of time during my university days.

I often watched beauty-related YouTube videos and bought magazines or books at bookstores.

With this collection, it seems I can do makeup for several years without buying new products. Obviously, I discard cosmetics that have deteriorated in quality or become unhygienic.

By organizing my cosmetics this time, the desire for new ones has significantly diminished.

“I have enough; no need to buy more!” My goal is to use up these cosmetics, reduce what I have on hand, and be content with that.

Moreover, I’ve realized it’s better to buy a few high-quality items rather than a lot of cheap ones.

Some high-end products can cost tens of thousands of yen, while you can purchase lipsticks, eyeshadows, and foundations for a few hundred yen.

For instance, a ¥5,000 eyeshadow or a ¥10,000 foundation or powder may seem expensive at first, but if it takes about four months to use up, what is the cost per day?

It turns out to be just a few yen. When considering this, even high-end brands seem like a cost-effective choice if used diligently.

Because they are expensive, you need to carefully choose before making a purchase. I realized that such a process leads to the thorough use of cosmetics.

Finally, I’ll organize makeup items by category for easier access. Currently used “first-string” makeup items will be in the front, while “second-string” items will go in the drawer behind.

Previously, I stored everything in a box, but surprisingly, when neatly arranged by category, even a small space can accommodate a lot.

Ultimately, I want to downsize this makeup area as well. If I feel the urge to buy new makeup items, I’ll look at this space and try to resist the temptation.

Also, to store the makeup items that couldn’t fit, I plan to buy cases at the 100-yen store tomorrow.

Today, I want to finish by neatly arranging my cosmetics as much as possible, creating a tidy space.