First Gym Experience

Today is another day at the gym following yesterday. I loaded the sportswear that I hadn’t worn recently into my car and went to work. During work, I looked forward to going to the gym and spent the time excitedly, wondering when the work would be over.

After finishing work, I changed from my work uniform to sportswear at the office and headed straight to the gym. First, I went barefoot and got on a body composition analyzer. It seems to show how much muscle and fat are present in each part of the body.

I found it interesting that such a machine exists for the first time. There were more muscles than I had thought, but there was also a lot of fat.

I was told that just walking can help in losing weight. I had thought that weight loss would only happen through strength training, so learning that simply walking could make a difference made me happy.

When asked about creating a workout routine, I was questioned about what kind of body shape I wanted. I hadn’t thought in detail about my ideal body shape, so I was quite troubled.

For the time being, I conveyed that I wanted to overall slim down and lose fat. Also, I was asked how often I could come to the gym. Coming every day probably wouldn’t be sustainable, so while it’s good from the perspective of weight loss, I expressed my intention to come 2-3 times a week.

Then, while receiving explanations for all the various equipment, I actually did the training. The settings were adjusted to provide a moderate level of resistance, but by the time I finished everything, my whole body was exhausted.

It seems that based on this measurement and the performance on various weights, they will create a workout routine for me. I have my own locker with my name on it, so they said they would create the menu and leave it there for me by tomorrow.

There were several people at the gym doing strength training, and there were many people of all ages and body types in various outfits.

Large mirrors were installed on the walls, and it’s quite embarrassing to do strength training while constantly looking at myself.

I want to work hard to become someone who looks good in stylish gym wear with an outstanding figure.

Because I received explanations for the equipment all at once, I might forget what to do, how much weight to use, and how many repetitions to do.

However, since the equipment comes with photos showing how to use them, it seems like it will be okay even if I forget.

Thinking it would be cold, I wore a thick jersey, but it’s heavy and restricts movement. When I move, it gets hot, and I end up sweating a lot.

Next time, I thought I would wear a slightly thinner and more comfortable jersey.