Exploring Notion

Today, following the example of clothes that were left as they were, I put them in the dresser.

Although I only have one body, I realized I have a lot of clothes. Just seeing them neatly organized by design gives me a sense of satisfaction, knowing that the effort to organize was worthwhile.

Even though I wear different clothes every day, it seems like there are clothes that I won’t wear during the season. Since I want to wear my favorite clothes as many times as I like, I’m thinking of getting rid of clothes that I probably won’t wear.

Today, thanks to the gym, my whole body was sore. Even sitting normally, my abdominal and leg muscles were sore.

I realized that there are many muscles that I don’t usually use. Yesterday’s strength training felt meaningful; I feel like I’ve progressed from my past self, and the muscle soreness is a welcome change.

Despite having done strength training, I felt it would be a waste to eat lunch as usual, so I had a smaller lunch than usual.

Now, as the number of blog articles increases, I’ve started to want to manage them more efficiently.

The schedule app I usually use doesn’t allow for detailed content recording. While looking for a suitable app, I learned about a system called “Notion” for the first time. It’s widely used and has a high degree of flexibility.

I registered and started using it right away. Checking social media, I found that many people are stylishly coordinating with Notion.

With high flexibility, I find myself wanting to emphasize my own unique design. Additionally, I’m tempted to input all the data from my notebooks into Notion.

However, notebooks are notebooks, and there’s a certain charm in the digital realm. So, this time, I won’t input data from the notebook. Maybe next time.

I’ll use it, feel its convenience, and when necessary, organize it. For now, I want to use Notion to manage rough details of what blog I wrote, when, and what I want to write.

Looking at the contents, there are many free templates. Among them, there was one titled “Blog Posting Calendar” that seemed perfect. First, I want to manage using that template.

Notion is a very handy system, but where do people usually get information about such systems? I wish I had known about it earlier.

After going through Notion’s templates, a considerable amount of time has passed, so I’ll stop here for today.