Beginning The Gym

I still have plenty of clothes to put away in the dresser, so this morning, I ran the washing machine and hung them to dry before heading to work.

Continuing from yesterday, sorting out clothes doesn’t uplift my mood. I enjoy cleaning because it brings a sense of clarity, but doing it continuously makes me feel bored. Before reaching that point, taking a break is a wise choice. Today, I brought in the laundry and left it as is without touching the clothes.

Now, in my job, I spend a lot of time facing the computer. I handle customer inquiries when they come, but until then, it’s mostly computer work. I organize and process data, handle contracts brought by the sales team, and sort and organize the documents that accumulate daily, putting them in the safe.

Because I sit for extended periods, my back and shoulders get incredibly stiff. Depending on the branch or the nature of the work, the routine varies, but at the current branch, I spend most of the day sitting.

Lately, due to not moving much at work, I feel my body has become stiff, and I’ve gained some weight. Since we wear uniforms at work, I have to maintain my own body shape.

When I want to change the size of my uniform, I can request a new one from the main office, and it will arrive in about a week. Today, I plan to go register at the gym I’ve been interested in for a while.

Recently, there have been many gyms near my home. There are about 30 gyms within a 10-minute drive. When I counted them, it seemed quite a lot.

Among them, I chose a gym that is open 24 hours, has friendly staff, and offers reasonable fees. I made a reservation, received an explanation, and joined.

At this gym, I can receive personal training for free, and facilities such as showers, locker rooms, powder rooms, and esthetic instruments are fully equipped and available for free. While I’m not sure about the specifics of the gym equipment, I believe there is a sufficient variety.

Furthermore, there are three affiliated branches of this gym near my home, all within a 5-minute bicycle ride, making it convenient for times when I want a change of scenery during workouts or want to enjoy different views while running.

The affiliated branches also have different personal trainers, adding to the appeal of diverse training options.

This time, I’ve completed the application process. Tomorrow, I have an appointment for an explanation about the equipment and how to use the facilities.

I’ve been thinking that I need to start exercising, even though I want to. It has been a source of stress, so taking this first step feels good.

In the future, I’d like to record what kind of training I’m doing and how much my weight changes.