Annual Health Check-Up

Today was the annual health check-up, a mandatory practice for employees in Japanese companies, conducted at my workplace.

To ensure that all employees can undergo the health check-up, a specific period is designated, and schedules are balanced across different branches to avoid manpower shortages.

The health examination includes measurements like height, weight, hearing, vision, blood tests, blood pressure, abdominal circumference, electrocardiogram, urine analysis, X-rays, and an interview. Additional tests can be added upon request.

As the appointment approached, I went for the examination during work hours. The venue this year was about a 20-minute drive from the branch.

Schedules for all branches and employees are not disclosed. The check-up provides an opportunity to meet people from other branches and learn about their work, making it an enjoyable experience.

This time, I also opted for a flu vaccination. After a questionnaire about recent illnesses, absence of fever, and overall health, the vaccination was administered.

Since both the blood test and flu shot were done on my left side, my left arm feels a bit heavy. In our prefecture, influenza is spreading widely, leading to school closures, and the local news consistently covers the flu outbreak.

Preventive vaccinations are popular, causing crowded venues. The examination took about an hour, and the results will be sent by mail to each branch in about a month.

Most results, except for blood tests, are immediately available on the day. Depending on the person, height and weight are often the most concerning aspects.

This year, I was pleased to find that my height increased by 5mm, and my weight decreased by about 3kg. Since breakfast is skipped on health check-up days, I felt quite hungry.

During health check-ups, some people try to lose weight. After the examination, there’s often a feeling of being able to eat anything.

Today’s highest temperature was 11°C in the early afternoon, and the morning temperature was 5°C. The weather was clear, providing a clear view of the mountain peaks.

Snow has started falling on the mountains, and domestic ski resorts are gradually opening for the season. On days like today with good weather, the desire to go skiing arises.

During health check-ups, routine branch tasks are delegated to others. It’s a mutual arrangement, and as a token of appreciation, I’ll bring back some snacks to the branch.

At the branch, everyone undergoes training to handle basic tasks. If an unfamiliar process arises, a call to another branch for guidance is not uncommon. Maintaining connections with colleagues from other branches helps in unexpected situations.

After receiving the injection today, once work is done, I look forward to quietly heading home.