Sports Equipment Store

Today, I safely left the office on time.
My left arm, where I received a shot today,
was a bit sore throughout the day.

As I plan to go to the ski resort this weekend,
I decided to start preparing.
Every year when the season starts,
I find myself tempted to get new skis and gear.

To satisfy this desire, I made a detour to
a nearby sports goods store on my way home.
I browsed through the section with skis and
gear, finding the latest trends for this season.

Realizing that what I already have is still in good condition,
I felt quite content. I remembered giving my wax
to my younger brother last season,
so I bought only wax this time and left the store.

In Japan, there are various levels of educational institutions,
from elementary and middle schools to high schools and
universities. Participating in club activities,
engaging in sports or literature, is a common practice.

During my student years, I spent a significant amount of time
participating in sports like skiing, tennis, swimming, basketball,
and baseball. On weekends or after club activities,
I often visited sports goods stores.

As a working adult, I don’t visit these stores as often as before.
Coming back after a while, seeing new equipment and stylish gear,
it reignites the desire to engage in sports.

Upon returning home, I started preparing for the ski trip.
I checked the closet to ensure everything is in place,
including upper and lower wear, inner layers, hats,
neck warmers, gloves, and socks.

Next, I checked the equipment stored in the outdoor shed.
Skis, poles, boots, and goggles—all were neatly arranged.

Relieved that everything was in order,
I proceeded to load them into the car.
Folding the back seats forward,
the car trunk provided a straight space for the skis.

Now, it’s the fourth day since I started the blog.
Unlike before, I find myself sitting at the desk,
facing the computer.

This new routine feels different, and I’m happy to see myself
doing something I haven’t done before.
Even a small change can bring joy.
Starting a blog has added a unique flavor to my daily life.

It’s only been a short while,
but doing something different is truly enjoyable.
I plan to continue at a leisurely pace.
Thank you for reading!”